Sunday, 3 August 2008


This is a view of a reef off Sipadan Island, Borneo. Teeming with wildlife, it's reputedly one of the world's top diving sites, and a favourite of the late, great Jacques Cousteau

If it's good enough for him, I'll have a butcher's...


It's looking like Scott, my fellow escapee, is booking a flight to Singapore for the 24th September '08. Sounds good to me. And Mossy's up for the trip after his windfall. We can work our way up to Ko Phi Phi and Phuket from there. The diving is supposed to be amazing, and it's only a boat ride to the Andaman Inslands off the Burmese coastline. 

This week is going to be pretty busy...what with work, getting innoculations, and seeing people to bid them Au Revoir. And winding my company up. There's a lot of people I'll miss in London, and I've loved the time I've had here. And I'll miss this noisy, beautiful, dirty city. I won't know how much until I leave it. But I'm due a change in my life, and this is certainly it. There's not many bigger. Who knows where I'll end up...or what I'll end up doing?* 

* Hopefully not working as a tissue-collector in a Bangkok whorehouse.