Thursday, 25 September 2008

London Departure/ Bangkok Arrival

Well, it did bring a tear to my eye on my last bus ride through London Fields, after saying ta-ra to my partner-in-comedy, Mr Hodgson...and passing those familiar hangouts and drinking spots (usually one and the same). It's funny, London has felt like my home these last 6 years, but in my last few days I felt like an it had cast me off already. It's time to move on, and find some new trouble to get into...but it was heartbreaking all the same. Having said that, i don't feel so bad in the lobby of my guesthouse in the Kho San Road. A cold bottle of Chang for 50 Baht (around 85p), and I just had my first authentic Pad Thai off a street vendor. Not quite Busaba Standards, but not Busaba Prices, either. You can't complain for 30 Baht, can you? Graddy?

Flight was uneventful. Just the usual of not enough leg room, and some shithouse behind you sticking their knees in your back for 10 hours. Like some sort of free Shiatsu Massage for free. I had a free seat next to me, and was feeling pretty fucking smug about curling up on it...when some late arrival who looked like Henry Cooper was plonked next to me to steal the seat AND my fucking armrest. C'est la guerre. I'm not even going to get started about the freaky couple in front, the woman in a lime green and beige kaftan...the like of which Demis Roussos would have been ashamed to be seen in. And he was better looking, too...

Anyway, I'm sat here sweating like Gary Glitter at Toys Are Us. Goof wasn't lying about the humidity. I'm yet to see if Speckled Jim and Nasty Gay were lying about the be honest, I'm not in a rush to find out.

Already made friends with a Manc in a Bangkok dive shop. Has offered to let me store my gear with him while I'm in Vietnam and Laos/ Cambodia. Little or no diving there, he said. But I may store the gear in the airport lockers for a quid a day, and just take the lighter pack. The room I've sorted for myself and Colonel Kurtz (a soon-to-be-arriving Jeff Moss) is on the 4th floor with no lift. I was sweating like a French rapist by the time I'd lugged both bags up there. I think I've lost a few pounds alrady. Just another 20 to go, then.

Speaking of which, I think I'll have another cheap, authentic, cold Thai beer. Toodle-pip for now.

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