Saturday, 27 September 2008

Strange habits

They say you don't know your mates til you live with them? I think that should be travel with them. I came back to the room to find a post-shower Colonel rubbing his deodorant stick down his pants.

"What the fuck are you doing, Mossy?"
"I get a bit sweaty down here, that's all"
"I wipe it round me arse crack, too"

Fuck about Too Much Information. Remind me not to run out of deodorant and become forgetful of that exchange.

Right, Saigon next up. What the fuck's waiting for us there? Do they do Saigon Chick Boys? I hope it's just a Bangkok Thing. Please.


Paul said...

I quite like your writing style Wazza, crisp and amusing. I'll be sending you some tips and pointers over the next few months.

joel said...

mate, i'll be reading this f'ing blog getting slowly more bitter by the post.

If you haven't already been ripped off - don't do the bangkok => Siem Reap bus ride. Its long, hot, shit and ends up getting expensive.

Def don't miss out on Cambodia tho dude. We went Go Karting and shooting an AK47's in the same day, we also did a Tuk Tuk pub crawl race around Siem Reap. Safe. Joel

coralie said...

love it!
sorry we didn't make it to your good bye drinks but glad to read your adventures!
bon voyage xx

maggieboreham said...

Boss to read you're getting into the swing of things. Ho Chin Minh City is said to be pretty impressive (not I believe everything I read, of course).

Anyways have a ruou can for me, apparently it's not only snake wine, they can bottle whole crows (Eek). I might just douse a rice cake with neat vodka and forget the wildlife... such a soft southerner.x