Saturday, 11 October 2008

Colonel Flustered Snaps

Well...I've seen him get shirty a few times and nearly come undone. Deciding he didn't want his own scooter, and trying to get it back on it's kickstand...lathered in sweat and red in the face. Dancing round a hotel bar with a cockroach stuck on his back as I howled with laughter. But nothing compares to last night. I think the trains, hassle from vendors and Travis Bickle's driving finally tipped him over the edge.

He retired to his hotel room, while me and The Jock hit the town for a few games of pool and refreshing Saigon Greens. The Jock received two texts we didn't read til next morning. And a call complaining of a mouse/ rat in his abode. He put a towel under the door to keep it out.

Text 1: "This place is in the Rough Guide? What a joke.Today for me has been bad vibes from the start. Taxi drivers who should not be behind the wheel of a car, never mind a taxi. I'm tired and need to sleep, but am paranoid about these rats."

Text 2: " Don't know about you two, but I'm checking out of this rat-infested shithole tomorrow. I could hear the little twats on the landing. It's not good. in fact it's bad. Rats fighting on the landing? It's time to leave."

He came in this morning and we chuckled at his story of shrieks from rodents in the night. Probably cats killing them? He told us he'd been out for fags this morning, and had asked the vendor if it always rains so much in Hoi An. He was met with a puzzled look and a shrug "Yeah, mate" he said "thanks for your help. Thanks for your fucking help. Thanks a lot, cheers."

Sat there sweating in the hotel, I could sense him unravelling. The heat plays with his mind, and he says he can't think straight. Says he wanted to get a plane to Thailand asap and chill out there. But I've told him he can't miss Laos. And he can't expect sunshine every day, and a rat and cockroach-free environment. We're not in Leyland now. But I think between myself and The Jock, we can hold him together.

For now, at least.

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