Friday, 3 October 2008

The Colonel's Etiquette Pt 1

He does make me laugh. His naivety can be as funny as it is annoying at times...Goof warned me I'd be babysitting him at times. Poor lad's only been to Amsterdam, Dublin and France in his teens before this. So some slack needs cutting. Besides, it's worth the exasperating moments to see the joy on his face when we see something amazing. As for the comedy value...

We were sat in a restaurant just the other night. The attentive waitress had placed the napkin in my lap. She moved to Mossy, unfolded his and went to place it. The struggle which ensued was a sight to behold. A red-faced Colonel holding the girl's hands away from him, thinking she was going for his groin. Her trying again, repeatedly (and patiently). She eventually placed said necessity in his lap. After looking around at other diners, he finally asked, frowning and holding up pink cotton:

"Have you of these things???"
"It's a napkin, Mossy..."
"In case you spill anything"
"Ah...OK...well, you know me...I'm just a shit-kicker from Leyland"


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