Monday, 20 October 2008

I get the feeling I'm being followed...

It's quite funny being on the tourist trail. You keep bumping into people. I dived with a Saffa couple called Clive and Odette in Nha Trang. We'd been out a few times with them, Clive's a top lad. Likes a drink alright. We'd arrived in Hue and been sat at Thu's having a pint, when who should walk past? Missed them in Hoi An. But then we were at Ha Long Bay on a boat amongst at least 20 others (I know, I know...but there's no other way to do it). The Colonel was spotted at and shouted at by Clive, his head popping out of a window two boats away. I gave him the "Ring me" sign and mouthed "Hanoi" after he'd held up two fingers (the polite way around) to my question of how many night was he in the Bay.

Back in Hanoi, we chatted to three people in a cafe and laughed about it. One bar down the road we were playing pool in our (by now) local. And who should walk past? Unreal.

Stop stalking me, Clive. See you for a bit of diving in Southern Thailand, mate.

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