Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mui Ne

I forgot to mention. They had TV screens on the train, and were showing some Vietnamese slapstick comedy. You could just about get the gist of it from the expressions, obviously. But I was just laughing at the passengers laughing, it was quite infectious. I'll upload a pic when I empty the camera. I think people here enjoy life, despite not having a lot of money.

Mui Ne is a 21km beach. Not much to report about the place, except that it was red-hot and we spent a lot of time swimming and generally taking it easy. It was pretty touristy (I'm a backpack snob already) and not cheap. But I had some amazing fish dishes here, and it was still only a few quid.

Anyway, on to Nha Trang by bus...and wait for The Jock to catch us up from Saigon.


joel said...

I once ran a Vietnamese man over in Mui Ne. It was the first and last time i ever got on a moped. Fact.

It turns out he was a drunk window licker and just stepped out in front of me, but it tramatic all the same as i thought i had killed him. Interesting...

old8oy said...

The silly bastard. It's very easy to run people over here, though...the roads are mental. Keep reading, mate...cheers for the comments.