Saturday, 11 October 2008

My Lai

Well, we had a pain in the arse on the way to see My Lai the other day. We got to Quang Ngai station, and had four hours to visit the site of the massacre before the next train. They were literally fighting over us at the station. We got underway, and the taxi driver was going slowly, pointing at hotels on the way, despite us telling the fucker that we had to get back for a train. Three times he phoned his female controller, who was put on to The Jock, as he was riding shotgun, to find out where we were going after My Lai. He explained we were leaving, and passed the phone back. She called back again and again. And exasperated Colonel fidgeted alongside me in the back. "Tell her to just fuck off". He's bound to get a job in the Diplomatic service on reture to Blighty. "I'm fucking sick of it."

On arrival at the Massacre Theme Park they've tastelessly turned My Lai into, we were told we had to pay for him to wait. Fair enough. Then a woman demanded 30000 VND to park the cab. Just trying to make some money out of the only visitors there, it seemed. We just said No. I wouldn't recommend the site. The exhibition is nothing I hadn't already seen, bar some grisly photos. And the site itself is mainly fenced off, with nothing to see. You don't get a feel for what happened here from a few concrete foundations they've just reconstructed. Although The Colonel did come away complaing of "bad vibes". God help him when we get to The Killing Fields and S-21.

On the way back to the station, the phone went again. The driver tried to pass it to a by now angry Jock, who just said "No. Station." The driver actually passed the hotel again, slowed down and looked pleadingly at us. Unbelievable.

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