Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Sultan Of Brunei: An Official Apology

The travel guides advise you always to have a toilet roll handy. Caught short away from the apartment, I'd headed over to the cafe on the beach we're frequenting. My relief was short-lived, as had no sooner had I sat down, that I realised that there was no loo roll there, either. Arse.

Looking across at my rucksack, I had a frantic rustle for serviettes. To no avail. On spying my Rough Guide,'s fine, silky, thin pages soon became appealing. Flicking through, I found the section on (reputedly) the most broing, least-visited part of Southeast Asia: Brunei. Rrrrrrrrrrripp!!!!

So I hereby apologise to the Sultan and his people. Not for calling it boring. It is. Merely for having the temerity to wipe my bum on your country. Metaphorically-speaking. Incidentally, I can't praise The Rough Guides enough. Never leave home without one.

(The pic is the Sultan with a printout of this blog)

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purplesimon said...

Alright mate. Cheers for popping by the blog and leaving a comment.

Not sure about this chasing of boys you mention. Not for me. I think, perhaps, you're confusing me with your childhood priest. :D

Anyway, this particular post was bloody hilarious. I'd wipe my arse on Brunei any day; with all his money he can afford to print several million new copies of Rough Guide. Or is it now known as Smooth Guide?

Glad you're having a laugh and the diving is good.

I'm back on the freelance trail having quit the day job after nearly a year. I thought I'd done well to last that long! Already signed up to do a two-week stint direct with a client on very good money. All good.

Anyway, steer clear of the UK for a while, it's all going to Hell in a bloody hand basket. Well, the finance markets are. Best try to get that Chinese passport now, it might serve you well in the coming years!

I've added you as a link to my sidebar, so should get around to visiting more often and catching up on your diving exploits.

purplesimon out...