Sunday, 23 November 2008

Island Life

Grabbing another extortionate taxi (how come it's 200 baht for 2 people, and 5 people is 500 baht? No wonder they all have new's more expensive than London) to Chalok Bay, it didn't take us long to find him. You hear the man before you see him...and he was around the bars showing the footy. Cue sheepish grins and big was good to see him, alright.

He'd told me he'd become a bit of a character around the Bay. It's a small place, more peaceful and laidback than Sairee..and everyone knows each other. And almost everyone knew him. The Colonel had become a regular at Easy Bar. Not surprisingly, since they sold spliffs behind the counter "Don't worry, they don't sell Valium here" he assured me, laughing. Easy's run by a gang of Burmese lads, all like a smoke and good music. The best one being So, a skinny, tattooed 24 year old with an English girlfriend. Probably one of the most effortlessly cool people I've ever met. And the banter between him and an occassionally paranoid Colonel were hilarious to witness. All good-natured, though they couldn't understand each other at times. He seemed very relaxed there, though...part of the furniture.

So we're sat around the bar, the sound of waves gently lapping the shore complimenting the soundtrack rumbling from the speakers. The twitters and screeches from our fecund surroundings adding to the atmosphere. Random overheard conversations, and laughter in the fug of sweet Thai grass relaxing my mind and body. Yeah, I like Ko Tao. I like it a lot. Could be here for sometime.

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