Thursday, 20 November 2008

On to Vientiane

A heavy night out on the booze, followed by The Jock looking a little green next morning when I woke him for the Escape Bus out of Vang Vieng. "I cannae move, man". Fair enough, catch me up my little bald friend...I can take no more. I was shipping out with the gang we'd had in Luang Prabang (we'd had a chance meeting on the street with them as myself and Jocky were searching for people to make a trip to the waterfalls a little cheaper...inseparable after that).

Jamal, a 19 year old cherub with a mop of brown hair and big green eyes...popular with the girls, and even more popular with some of the Laos boys who Play For The Other Team...was also having a rough morning. The kid is on a mission to piss his shrivelled liver out one day, I swear. At the start of tubing, he has a coke bottle mixed with Thai whiskey...and had finished it by the second bar. Leathered. He continued on into the evening. Even more leathered. Feeling confident, he approached a girl he fancied. The pair hit it off. Until Jamal burped and decided to do a little sick into his cupped hand. Classic. Game Over, mate. I'd have styled it out, I reckon: "Anyway, where was I?"

Another bumpy bus ride to the capital(?) Vientiane...oh joy.

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