Sunday, 23 November 2008

Three become one

The Colonel had headed for Krabi the night previous, and we'd finished the Advanced course. On awaking to torrential rain, The Jock announced he was heading West, too. I had laundry to wait for, so it made my mind up for me...I was staying. Probably for the best, as we needed to travel on our own a little, too. We travel well together, but he's a bloody fidget and thinks he's a good singer. So he can elbow someone else and warble to them for a while. See you on the other side, amigo.

The rain stopped, and the sun came out. So I wandered down to Sunshine Divers in Chalok. Discussed the Rescue Diver course, the next step towards Divemaster with Alice, a DMT, and her fella. After speaking to the Instructor, Jon, I was sold. The place is smaller and a lot friendlier than Ban's. If you're going to dive on Tao, do it with them in Chalok.

So, The Colonel in Krabi. Jocky going West, and me staying with the Easy Crew. More diving, another qualification. What could possibly go wrong? What indeed...

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