Friday, 28 November 2008

Weathering the storm

It never ceases to astound me, the skies witnessed over oceans. I can happily watch them for hours. Especially when actually out at sea. Not for these journeys the mid-level and plain old cumulus formations.

We passed Ko Pha Ngan, enveloped in ominous banks of charcoal sky, torrents of water lashing her hills. Almost volcano-like in the intensity of dark cloud above her. Port-side, and the scene was completely different. Lighter due to the sun attempting to peek through, wispy cirrus contrasted with giant, fluffy cumulus drifting at different speeds...while in the distance stacks of identically-shaped vapour rose as far as I could see. A huge hole appeared above the boat, another universe of contrasting shapes appearing within it's boundaries...seemingly hundreds of miles away. A wall of cotton wool. Stabs of light suddenly bathing the sea in dappled, dancing gold as the light broke free...kissing the edges of the clouds surrounding the ever-expanding space. You cannot buy moments like these and, when they come, you must wring every last second from them. It's almost enough to make me believe in a god. Almost...

Dry land beckons. And I know the Easy Bar crew will be in their usual places, joints passed round, beers drained, stories swapped. Soe, Yao and Zo and their cheeky banter. Seb, Red, Luke and Danno filling the coffers. Only minutes away now. Welcome home, indeed.


KarmaLennon said...

Sounds like you're having an amazing time. well, maybe minus the ribs part. :)

old8oy said...

Yeah definitely, Katie. Other than that, am having a cracking time ;)