Saturday, 27 December 2008

First Sunset Over Burma

I've obviously seen more than my fair share of sunsets over the last 3 months, but this one was special. The skies had been clear but, as dusk fell, banks of wispy cloud became visible, as if drawn to the setting sun. The amazing thing was, as the bloody orb dropped towards the ocean, Burma revealed herself below it in the distance. It took the breath away. I watched this one with Mario, the tattooed fella. Even he said, after 4 years here, that this one was very good. The water looked like Mercury as it gently washed further and further up the shore towards us. The pictures will follow next week, as the bargain card-reader I bought in Bangkok worked once and went on the blink. Bloody counterfeit goods again.

I stayed a while as Mario got up and left. Half an hour later, and the darkness was total. Well, almost. The moon was almost full, and I was quite shocked to look around me and see my own shadow cast on the beach at night, and very sharply at that. The starts were the brightest I'd seen since working in the Lake District, as the air isn't exactly clear over Hackney these days.

I think I'd have been quite happy to sleep on the beach that night, but then I heard a nice piece of music which led me to go for a quick beer on the way home. Little knowing that I'd meet the best person I'd come across in Thailand so far...

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