Sunday, 25 January 2009

Fun (?) And Games: Crossing To Singapore

I'd read of the expressway linking Malaysia and Singapore, and was expecting something grand and high-tech. It wasn't. The most excitement I had here was joining in the petty maneuverings of the Chinese at the borders' passport controls; they'd rush off the bus to get first in the queues. Like they'd get through any quicker when we're all on the same bus? One old duffer at the Malaysian side had sidled up through the queue, playing senile and saying "Sorry...sorry...sorry..." as he just plain pushed in front of everyone. I'm all for standing up and giving my seat to the elderly on a bus, but this was just taking the piss. I got into the spirit of it at the next stop, my long Western legs giving me an edge as we piled off the coach: I strode past a few quite quickly and easily. One woman was well perturbed. At the final entry to Singapore, she tried to edge her family of fatties in front of me. Another queue moved quicker to another desk, so she switched lanes. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, getting flustered if I edged ahead. The things which amuse you when you're bored, eh?

Oh...I won, by the way.

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