Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Gan's Party

This was the official start of the season for the Thai Bar. So it was locals as well as tourists tonight. A fresh fish BBQ to start things off. The local kids were running around, melting ice-creams precariously attached to sticky mitts. As a result, Gan whispered “If you wan’ smoke bong, use my office.” He pointed to the door behind the bar. No point corrupting the kids at such a tender age. Besides, there’d be less weed for us. Mil and Ay were in the back when I entered, and we got stuck in while we waited for the party to get going.

We’d had a few when a couple of Thai girls came in. One of them sat next to me and waited for her turn on the bamboo bong. I had a sly look out of the corner of my eye. Very stylish for an island girl; a little denim skirt and an army tee-shirt, great haircut with a fringe. She was exotic, and almost feral in appearance. What myself and Garfield would describe as a Funky Bitch. We give no higher compliment. It means you’ve got it going on. She was a fox, alright. And I was speechless when she smoked five full bongs simultaneously. Her name was Kalao, she was one of Gan’s friends from school. We got talking, and she said I should look her up if I visited Ko Phayam. Her English wasn’t as good as Gan’s but we got along just fine. She left the room and we continued smoking. I was quite shocked when I stumbled out five minutes later and she was performing the Poy outside. For those who haven’t seen it, this involves swinging two flaming torches on the ends of two chains. To do it is dangerous enough anyway, but stoned? And she was pretty bloody good with it. Apparently she’d only set herself on fire the once. Not bad going.

I had a great night, quite fitting since it was my last. Met a couple of Southerners I’ll refer to as the Likely Lads, as their names escape me. I think the more switched on fella was called Andy. He’d not seen his companion since school had decided to tag along travelling with him. You wouldn’t have put the two of them together, to be honest. His mate would have been better in Magaluf. More about that later, though.

I didn’t see Az and Ellie that night. So I didn’t have a clue which boat they’d be on in the morning, we’d just have to hope we bumped into each other on Phayam. That’s the way it goes, I suppose. Winging it.

It was difficult saying Goodbye. Gan and his friends had made me feel really welcome there. As he’s a big Liverpool fan, I’ll be sure to post him something signed by the team…my family there have a few contacts at the club. Reckon he’d like that. He made me promise to go back one day. I said only if we can be partners…I’ll bring my decks and records? So I guess it’s more Au Revoir than Goodbye, Gan.

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