Wednesday, 7 January 2009


If there's one drawback to travelling, it's these horrible, pointless little bastards. I'm not overly fond of flies, but they and their maggots are part of the natural process of decomposition. We need them. But what is the benefit of the mosquito, infecting 700 million people a year with diseases and killing 2 million of those? Were they put on this planet to keep you awake with their whining flight, to awaken you with itchy lumps all over your body? I don't get bitten badly, but I've seen some people with golfball-sized lumps up and down their legs...allergic reactions. I'm going to get myself one of those electrified tennis-racket devices to swat the buggers with. Better that than realising you've got one on you, and crushing it in a tiny puddle of your own blood. Get the Tiger Balm out. If I could change one thing about my travels, it would be to drive these parasites to extinction. And don't get me started on the sand fleas. I got bitten at sundown by those swines...they come out as the sun goes down to prey on people watching the show. I had around 30 bites one morning, and got into a discussion with a French guy who had a few. "At least these don't itch, like mozzy bites" I said. "Wait a few days" he said, grim faced. He wasn't lying. I went through a whole tub of balm (I'd only had one in 3 months previously) to stop the fiery itching, I've never known anything like it. Not pleasant. So stand up when you're watching the sun drop...don't sit in the sand like an idiot.

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