Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rudi And Bruno: A Love Story

I headed to a cheap local place for dinner one night. Egg, the guy running it, is a friendly sort. I'd been here the previous evening, and the pad thai was very good. Sipping my beer, I was trying not to listen in to the tense conversation a middle-aged couple were having at the next table. It was not long after their food arrived that the man went and paid the owner, explaining that his wife was not in a good mood. They left and, as Egg passed my table, I asked if I could have the untouched vegetables. Asparagus. I'd been missing it. Two fellas a little older than myself at another table had their prawns. We fell into conversation. 

Rudi's German, Bruno French, but German-speaking. We laughed about the couple's leaving, and the resulting free food. I knew straight away that these guys were a couple, too. My Gaydar works just fine, I have a few gay friends back home, and also knew from an early age that my uncle Barry was gay, when no-one else suspected. Bruno told me how they'd met, and it was a nice story. Both keen cyclists, they'd been out on a remote road and cycling towards each other as a storm blew up. A solitary tree was the only shelter on this road and, arriving at this point simultaneously, they got talking. Now what are the chances, not just of two gay men turning up under the same tree on a deserted highway, but of them actually liking each other, too? Fate. Very romantic. And they've been together since.

Being Xmas Eve, we discussed plans for the following day (I told them their English was very good; they told me that mine wasn't, and that I must slow down as they couldn't understand a word I was saying. I told them people in London had that problem when I'd first moved down). I'd looked into a snorkelling trip, and they said they'd asked Egg to get a friend to take them on one. With three of us it would be cheaper. Preferring to go with people I knew rather than seeing who turned up on an organised tour, I readily agreed to jump in with them. Egg sorted it out, and we agreed to meet up the next morning. 

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