Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Aussies

In general, I didn't find the people as annoying (or backward) as I thought I would. I expected the Melburnians to be a more sophisticated lot, and they were, but the rest of them weren't too bad. Not too much of the inherent racism I was expecting, either; although a police chief recently responded to recent racist attacks in rougher suburbs of Melbourne by suggesting the minorities "avoid displying signs of wealth, or speaking loudly in foreign languages". Nice to see a tough reaction to the thugs.

Bob, Grant's (my sister's husband) dad, was an amsing character. He was what I'd expect a typical older Aussie bloke to be like. He was the first person I heard say "Fair dinkum", for example. But he summed up the insular attitude of most Australians, who aren't great travellers, despite your thoughts when ordering a pint in London, when he said to me "Why would I need to travel, when I have paradise on earth here?" He's been to Sydney once. He even thought the beer was the best in the world, despite me saying that's because he'd tried nothing else. A nice bloke, though...with a fascinating collection of old bakelite radios from the turn of the century onwards. Sadly, I didn't get chance to take a few photos...some of them were beautiful. He also has a mint 1970s MGB GT which he's never driven, on stilts in his garage. Looks like new, I can't understand it? But that's where Grant gets it from, he has two Dodge Chargers in his garage which he never drives. Insane.

I lost count of the people I met who had never been outside of Adelaide. I couldn't get my head around that. One bloke even asked me "So...why are you travelling?" That just reminds me of the late Bill Hicks being asked What You Reading For?

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