Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Joel's Dad's Boat

By far my best day out in Adelaide was on the abovementioned catamaran. A morning start down at the marina, and off into the blue. Dad and Joel's old fella were boring each other with Boat Stuff (well, boring myself and Joel, anyway). Joel and myself just enjoyed the view.

The sails got caught at one point, and I scrambled up to sort it out. The sea was a bit choppy, and that, coupled with the strong wind, made it a little hairy. As I started to stand down, I nearly lost my balance. I wasn't worried about falling in, as we'd seen a pod of dolphins alongside the boat ten minutes earlier. I said they usually keep sharks away from people, so there would be no danger. Then Joel's dad told me that wherever dolphins are, sharks follow...they're after the same fish. Ah. Jolly glad I didn't fall in, then. A shark had killed a bloke a few weeks before I arrived. 20 metres from shore, and it took him in front of his son. Nasty way to go.

We went a fair old way out, and it was a few hours before we landed back at the marina. I'd not put any sunscreen on, and had some nice sunglasses marks on my face. Schoolboy error.

The next incident backs up my opinion of this city. When back at the berth, Dad's hat got blown into the water. We had to cross the bridge so he could wait for the current to return it to shore. So he's there, balancing on some rocks and then up to his knees in water trying to retrieve said hat. A group of lads sat down to watch, thinking they were about to see a 60-year-old man make a tit of himself (me, too) by going in the drink. Alas, not...hat was grabbed without a splash. The spectators got up to go.

"He'll go in next time, hopefully" I said to one of them.
"Ah, no worries mate" he grinned "it was a good watch, anyway."


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