Thursday, 26 February 2009

Where's The Humanity?

Two stories struck me, while in Australia, about selfish human beings. The first was one my sister had told me, about a nurse she knows at one of the hospitals she works at. This woman had run over another woman a few months previously, in a pretty horrific case of Driving With Undue Care and attention. She died instantly, caught up in the wheels of the car. The case was still ongoing, when she was overheard complaining to her son about the inquest "If only this bloody woman realised the inconvenience she's causing me?" To which her son caustically replied "I'd have thought, Mum, that running over and killing someone would have made you a better person." Well said.

The other case was that of a Kiwi climber who fell to his death on a mountain. His partner was obviously distraught, and it was going to take some time for the authorities to recover his body. The dead climber had the rental car's keys in his backpack, and the other climber had to find another way home. The rental company, bless them, saw fit to charge for the vehicle for each day it was over the hire period. To cap it all, the woman who ran the guest house they were due to stay at that weekend wanted paying for the two days they'd booked.

Isn't the world a lovely place? Makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it?

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