Monday, 9 March 2009

Robbery Avoidance III

I really need to start hiding the watch and chain. I'd headed to see the parade with the foreign foursome, and we stood on the hill amongst the crowds to see the parade. It was a little dull, not really my scene; so I waited it out and got something to eat.

On returning to the slope, I was looking around when two men passed me. One took a look at the watch, and said something to his mate who then looked over his shoulder at my wrist. They were hanging around with a few others who were a bit rough-looking to say the least. I looked at my companions in comparison: this wasn't looking good. The gang positioned themselves around us one by one, and I watched them out of the corner of my eye. A few girls behind me, being smaller, had leaned on my shoulder to stand on tiptoe and get a better view of the parade. One of the gang stood next to me, leaned a hand on my shoulder likewise, when he was tall enough to render this unnecessary. Preparing to hold me, perhaps? I looked at him and he smiled "Is very beautiful, yes?" as he looked past me at one of his mates. "Errr...yep..." Time to make a move. Now. I spotted a gap and made for it, weaving my way up through the crowd back to the road. I felt bad about leaving the rest of them, but they were local and weren't wearing anything valuable. Besides, self-preservation counts first. I made the road and headed for the house, paranoia wrapping icy fingers around my chest. They hadn't followed; there were police on the main road.

Marvin was at the house. I shakily told him what had happened, and he made us a cuppa. "You must hide your things in this country. Especially in places like will help you. Show nothing of value, and always watch your back." Wise words, I think. No point tempting people. I was already packed to go, and decided to head to Sagada sooner rather than later, as the buses would fill up rapidly after the afternoon's partying. Expensive watched strapped around ankle, iPod and chain in the other sock, I was ready to go.

I think travelling in just a pair of dirty underpants may be the way forward..?

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Karl said...

Hey mate,

I'm very disappointed! Can't read something from the propper party night in Batad... :D

After Sagada I'm in Baguio now! Going to 100 Island National Park today!!

Have fun & enjoy your trip!!