Sunday, 17 May 2009

Diveboat Characters #2: The Pros

Some divers are not as skilled as others, and if you are escorting a few of them it can be like herding cats; a nightmare. But every now and then you get to chaperone some divers who make the job an absolute pleasure. Before diving, we check the forms divers fill out to see their level and experience. Anything above 30-40 dives and we usually have no trouble. Above that level is a bonus. Two Swiss joined us for a few days: Aris and Elena. They were a really nice couple, had a load of new gear, and it was a relief to read that they were both Rescue certified. So out on the wrecks with these two, it was more like fun diving with friends; nothing to worry about, and no need to be constantly checking on them. If all customers were this good, life would be so simple. But maybe no challenge would bore me? The jury's out on that one.

Another excellent diver we had through the door was Nicolai, a Danish Divemaster making his 100th dive with us. He'd learned back home where conditions are a lot tougher, so he makes diving in the Philippines look effortless. If you can dive in very limited visibility, in a dry suit and in bloody cold water, this warm water is a doddle. I like diving with people like him, it makes me up my game.

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