Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Most Revolting Dish Ever Invented

My apologies to any Filipinos reading this, but your cuisine is the worst in Asia. I've never eaten so much Western food in an Asian country, and it pained me. I like to try the local dishes, but when the national dish, Adobo, is just whatever meat you pick soaked in vinegar for a while and served with rice...I'm not going to be queuing for it. It's not exactly a Thai Green Curry, that's for sure.

But that's not the worst of it. No, that title is reserved for Balut, the local delicacy. You hear the chaps walking around town, ringing their bell and calling its name. Filipinos are supposedly impressed by Westerners (or Joes as they call us, after the American G.Is) who eat it; I'm impressed by dogs who eat it. Balut is a large egg. With a duck foetus inside it. You peel it, and bite into it, cruching the fragile skeleton and spitting out feathers and beak as you encounter them. Whose revolting idea was this? Was it a bet? What's wrong with letting the duck be born, feeding it up for a while and then eating it?

The top picture shows Anders, a very brave Swedish dive instructor (and I mean brave for actually putting this thing in his mouth, I don't mean he's an underwater hero), who was game enough to eat it. Watching him peel it made my stomach turn; you can see it hardly looks appetizing. But when he started crunching through bones, I couldn't take any more...I was about to be sick before he was. So I don't have a shot of him actually vomiting, but Bjorn insisted it was suitably projectile in nature.

If a Swede named Anders tries to kiss you in a disco, girls...smell his breath first. You don't want to be spitting out bits of duck foetus beak now, do you?

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