Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Running The Show

Gerd took me aside and asked me if I wouldn't mind watching the shop for a week while he went to Manila on business with his family. Don't think he trusted Artur not to close the shop for a week to play cards and drink beer. He said I'd be able to earn money diving, and he'd appreciate the favour. I didn't mind at all. Besides, I'd stupidly allowed a full dive cylinder to roll off the floor of the boat and into 25-30 metres of open water in a channel on the way to the bays. Partly the design of the boat, as there were no guards to prevent this, but I still felt bad. Dennis was laughing as, for the next half hour, wherever the brooding Gerd stormed around the boat, I made sure I was in the opposite corner; and it's not a big boat. He calmed down eventually, and his curses of "Scheisse" turned to a resigned "Shit happens, mate". A relief. We've actually dived looking for it three times now, to no avail. But we know roughly where it is. Just a pity it was full of air as, if empty, it would have been 2kg lighter and would have actually floated (Physics again...I was surprised, too. They're heavy).

As it turned out, we didn't get that many divers through the door. Coron was dying down, and the rain was back. But a week out was no big deal. Gerd had looked after me on the course, I'd learned more than I would with most. It also gave me time to finish my mapping project for the course. Some DMs still owe Gerd a map but, being a designer, this was a part of the course I'd saved for last. I owed him a masterpiece.

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