Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I stood on the edge of the world tonight; lightning flashing across the Javan sky, illuminating a sheltered bay pounded by the volatile Indian Ocean. Inky onyx waves surged towards me, below seething crests of ivory foam...suddenly receeding before rushing back with increasing fury. Tantalising, almost taunting; the water sucking at my legs, drawing me in. A deep bass rumble, staccato percussion and the flicker of fires from the beach accompanied me as I rushed into the surf. I floated, the water crashing over me, smiling as I joined my laughing companions. It felt like we'd been drawn here together, as if it was meant to be. Flashes rent the sky once more, and it truly seemed the horizon was the edge of everything, and if the waves drew us too far out, we would surely fall off into an eternal nothingness.

OK, so the Javanese mushrooms we'd all consumed probably had something to do with it. But what a night; the music, the people, the place. Batu Karas was where I had one of my best nights out in a long time. The sequence of events preceeding my arrival made me positive that the week had been a jigsaw falling into place. But nothing during my time in Asia has ever run smoothly, so I'd better explain how I got here in the first place...

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