Thursday, 25 June 2009

Muslim Alarm Clock

I'd been forewarned of this; don't stay anywhere near a mosque when in Indonesia. I'm atheist, myself, but don't have a problem with anyone's religion...unless they're ramming it down my throat, that is. Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on our door when I was a kid trying to watch Monkey on a Tuesday night, things like that. In fact, my Dad used to ask me to keep them talking while he ran upstairs to fill a bucket of water to throw out of the window. He didn't like Monkey being interrupted, either.

The Muslims are a bit much at times, too. The average Christian loves their god (sorry, no capital letter), but has the decency to just ring a few bells on a Sunday morning and then get down on their knees for an hour or so. But not the Muslims. Oh no. Let's crank up the loudspeakers, sing for half an hour at...hmmm...let's say around 4am? Then do it 5 times a day for anyone who missed it? Where do these people find time to do a day's work if they're praying 5 times a day? If more of the doleites we get in the UK realised praying 5 times daily would get you out of work, we'd be living in a Muslim country far quicker than we're actually going to be.

In JJ, there was one particular guy who ruined my sleep daily. I don't even mind the guys who can actually sing; I'd quite like to visit Marrakech and look out over a city of minarets in the light of a rising sun and appreciate this evocative sound. It can be beautiful. But this guy wasn't going to win Java's Got Talent anytime soon. And surely everyone knows where the bloody mosque they have to shout about it?*

*I'm expecting my Fatwah in the post anytime soon. I'll wave to you all on YouTube before they cut my head off...

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