Saturday, 1 August 2009

Oh, The Irony Of It All...

The dorms at Media Luna hostel are open; no locks, and security is more than a little lax. The main door is always being left open, and the scarred security guy looks dodgier than some of the characters who roam Getsemani's sketchy streets once the sun sets. He's actually offered me coke and weed a few times. It's not a walk in the park around here, so you'd expect a little more vigilance. The hostel's that big that people can wander in and out at will...even those not staying here.

The security guard is always having a nosey around the rooms, seemingly keeping an eye out for the Bad Guys (plenty around, trust me)...but more likely looking for unguarded valuables. I lock all mine away, but had the most ironic theft from my rucksack. There's only clothes and chargers left in there, usually. But someone had a root through one night and stole my steel cable with combination lock, the type you use to lock your bag to something immovable. I'd decided to lock it up after someone had a few bits nicked, and had to laugh after realising that some thieving little bastard (or bitch...might be a lady) had stolen it to prevent his/her own gear getting robbed. Unreal.

I realised it was time to move hostels when a lad reported his phone missing, and a girl had her favourite dress taken. They'll be after Garfield's skiddy underpants next?


Anonymous said...

come clean mate you stole the dress didnt you

old8oy said...

Wasn't my color, mate...didn't go with my eyes!!