Thursday, 28 January 2010

Beach Life/ Beach Death?

I didn’t see much of the famed bronzed beauty, as the rain and wind didn’t lend itself to sunbathing and swimming. The waves pounding the beach were quite frightening too. But I had swum in every sea I had come across, so this wasn’t deterring me. I waited until a few joggers got close before going in, not that I could expect them to save me. As the water rushed back out to sea, sucking me in, I wondered at my potential folly. I could just see it now: “Tourist On Trip Of A Lifetime Dies On Last Day Like Twit” I didn’t go out too far, just enough to swim for 15 yards and stand up…legging it out of the sea before the next might wave smote me. When you can see three waves on top of each other hurtling towards the beach, you know it’s time to get the fuck out.

One thing I did love on the beach was the digital sunscreen warning machines: they tell you the current temperature, what SF you should be wearing for your complexion, and how long in the sun before burning. Brilliant. I’m surprised the Aussies don’t have them, to be honest.

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